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WBI Advisors

Kingdom Impact + Pro Values Investing

WBI Advisors is a dynamic team focused on leading others to build wealth that has a perpetual Kingdom Impact.

A primary goal of WealthBuilders Investments (WBI)  is to create a global team of like mind financial professionals that maximize the global impact of finance for the Kingdom of God. Our investment philosophy is focused upon Kingdom Impact + Pro Values Investing. WBI is  actively seeking opportunities to partner with successful and experienced financial advisors and planners who share our passion.

 If you are a financial advisor, financial plannner, attorney, or CPA who desires to expand the impact your business and expertise can have on others using Biblical principles, we would love to  connect!

Whether you are a successful RIA owner looking to implement Christian values more to your practice or you wish to  reduce compliance and adminsitrative headaches, WBI can help. Come explore what WealthBuilders Investments is creating and the opportunity to grow and bless others together.

Click Here To Schedule an Introductory call with our Leadership Team!

Connect With WBI Advisors

Gain Access to Our First-Class Business Partners

By collaborating with WealthBuilders Investments, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with professionals in: 

Portfolio Management




Operational Support

Whether you are looking to leave a wirehouse firm and need to land somewhere that can offer fully automated and business support you have grown accustomed to (but with much higher payouts!) or if you are a current independent RIA that desires collaboration in a shared ecosystem, we can help.

We are especially passionate about working with financial professionals who desire to implement Kingdom centered principles into making an impact for others.