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Kingdom Impact + Pro Values

Investing for the Future without compromising            Your values today.

Get to Know Us

Empowering & Serving Others

Authentic Counsel, LLC DBA WealthBuilders Investments  provides comprehensive wealth management services to individuals and organizations around the world.

Our team serves families, businesses, entrepreneurs and  non-profit organizations who desire to create a multi-generational financial investment strategy utilizing a faith-driven and values based framework.

If you desire to understand how to invest in a manner that does not violate your personal values and grow wealth that has purpose, we would love to connect and encourage you.

Who We Serve:

High Net Worth Executives


Business Owners & Entreprenuers

Non-profits and foundations

Multi Generational Families

Impact Investors


Our team provides personalized,  faith-driven investing services to organizations in our Partners Program.

Chad Frantzen speaking on a panel.

Managing Finances for Clarity & Purpose

Many people work with financial advisors or brokers who do not share a similar values and ethics. In the world of money management and financial planning, we believe that working with an investment professional  team who is in alignment with the client’s values is the foundation for success.

Many people seek only to sell products and programs. We seek to educate and empower you.

If you find yourself asking...

How do I manage my finances for maximum effectiveness in an uncertain world?

Is it possible to receive creative financial ideas, personalized to my needs?

How do I align my investments with my values and ethics?

Do my financial resources have a positive impact on the world around me?

...WealthBuilders Investments can help you find the answers and develop tailored solutions to help you succeed.

Learn About How We Help